Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sanguis - Boss Battle Challenge

There was once an ancient world, where the mountains touched the sky so deeply that they could embrace the clouds, the ground was dark and signs of natural existence was only seen on the lower parts of the valleys and the beast’s were worshipped as gods. The small villages surrounding the beast’s nest were familiar with an old prophecy, as old as time.
“When the blood split in two, the blood of the weak will strengthen the
stronger and Sanguis will emerge from the shadows of the dead, the blood worshiper.”
The procreation season had begun, and soon the mountains were filled with screams of beast’s and their son’s, echoing throw the lands as a melody of pain and agony. Then something happened, when the last were to be born, the skies became black, and the only lights that remain, between savage screams and rain, came from the thunders. Blood dripped on the floor as the newborn appear lifeless, then from the shadows and covered of blood emerged his brother. Everyone knew, as beast as human, that strange power came from that beast and he couldn’t be killed, they knew the Sanguis, the blood worshipper, was upon them. To escape from the bath of blood that Sanguis would provoke once he was old enough, the beast’s weld their power with the master magicians and managed to produce an ancient symbol on the top of the mountain that would retain Sanguis power. Every once in a while, some villagers, climb up the mountain to seek for the power of the Sanguis, and everyone who does, don’t return to tell the story.

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